Non-Surgical Knee Therapy

Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery and Steroid Injections
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A revolutionary, new, non-surgical treatment called Viscosupplementation Therapy is providing hope and relief for many knee pain sufferers.

Viscosupplementation therapy is a procedure involving the injection of gel-like substances (hyaluronates) into a joint to supplement the viscous properties of synovial fluid. This procedure has been shown to be 86% successful in alleviating pain associated with osteoarthritis and is covered by most major medical insurance providers and Medicare.

At Upstate Spine & Joint, we offer this minimally invasive procedure that requires no surgery, can provide immediate results, and has little to no recovery time. It’s very important to understand we are not just addressing knee pain. Our goal is to give you the best chance we possibly can of Preventing Knee Replacement Surgery in the future, which is what knee arthritis frequently evolves into if left undetected and unaddressed. We are proud to offer a less invasive approach to relieving knee pain and to avoid surgery.

For this reason, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a candidate for Viscosupplementation treatment for knee arthritis, you can always have more radical procedures performed later, if necessary.

Prevent Knee Surgery With a Simple In-Office Protocol
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Accurate Knee Injections

We also utilize a breakthrough piece of medical equipment at our facility called a Fluoroscope. This is a very important point because fluoroscopy allows our medical staff to look inside your joints, in real time, with the latest in imaging technology while administering any of our minimally invasive injection procedures. This instrument helps to insure that the injected material is introduced to the exact point intended and therefore provides the best possible outcome from each injection.

Stretching is Key

Proper stretching focuses on toning the muscles and ligaments, thus returning strength and normal function to the knee joint. Along with our knee injection, stretching also helps spread the viscosupplement within the treated joint.

Unloading Knee Brace

This knee support device increases joint space reducing the pressure on the cartilage of the knee and the knee cap. This un-loading effect aids the viscosupplement that has been injected to bond with the knee joint’s existing synovial fluid with greater ease.

  • Adjustable – Varus and valgus adjustments lessens pain and aids the viscosupplement in bonding with the knee joint’s existing synovial fluid
  • Durable – Rivets are used, instead of screws that come loose or break
  • Wearable – Fits beneath slacks so patients are more likely to wear it
  • Comfortable – Cushioned to avoid skin irritation extending wear time

Why is our Non-Surgical Knee Program so successful?

Our protocol is to inject hyaluronic acid (HA) in the knee joint 5 times over a six week period to insure the best opportunity for the supplement to provide cushioning and to encourage your body to start producing hyaluronic acid again on its own as the healing process proceeds.

In addition, we use a high quality HA that is thicker than others so it stays in place, aided by a knee bracing and physical therapy to further encourage the healing process. This protocol has been proven to work extremely well in a randomized case study.

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